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The Customer:

The customer is a leading company in Egyptian market working in the field of

housing and real-estate development industry. They focus on ‘community development’ through establishing self-sustained residential city and community complexes for the upper and middle classes. They provide their inhabitants with all the logistic services to facilitate their daily life within the compound. Services including but not limited to commercial markets, shopping malls, food courts, offering educational mix from International, National, and experimental schools, A sporting and social club, four medical centers, an internal and external transportation network, banks and money exchange services.

The Problem:

One of the services they provide their communities is “An internal and external Transportation system”. They own more than 200 buses of different sizes to provide this service with a variety of ticket charges. They wanted to automate the ticketing process using pre-charged cards as an electronic wallet.

The Solution:

Gargour Technologies was able to solve this problem by using the Sunmi V2 pro mobile POS devices. Sunmi V2 pro can support the Mag Strip, QR, and NFC payment and automatically issue various tickets. Every bus is provided with one of these devices to be handled by the driver. All the residents were provided with those NFC electronic cards which can be charged from the bus station. Each time the resident is on board the bus, they select the destination from V2 pro mobile POS, the value is deducted from the NFC card and the ticket is automatically issued.

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