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The Customer:

The customer is one of the largest Egyptian companies working in the online food ordering sector. They deliver food and grocery ordered online from hundreds of restaurants and shops. Their platform gives the ability to find out the offers, deals, and free deliveries from all partner restaurants. Also, it enables the user to select from grocery and medicine top stores. They use delivery pilots to pick-up, deliver the order and to collect money from the ordering client. In addition, they suffer non-proper contents in some of the deliverables.

The Problem:

They had realized the importance of keeping a continuous follow-up, control, and systemization of those thousands of pilots running all day between restaurants and clients carrying food orders and amounts of money. For that, they needed to apply a management system using handheld POS with each pilot.

The Solution:

They started looking for a partner that could supply both the handheld POS needed for successful order pick-up and money collection. This partner was required to offer all the prompt support required for thousands of handheld POS running all day everywhere. Obviously, all major handheld POS suppliers were subject to this survey and competed to win this deal. But only Gargour Technologies with its 45 years of experience in this field in Egypt was able to prove its competence in this challenge. Gargour’s technical setup together with the staff qualification made a successful supply, installation, and maintenance for more than 9600 Sunmi v2 pro handheld POS. In addition, it was installed at restaurants and stores to act as a fax to receive and print the orders and properly prepare it.

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