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The Customer:

Our customer is one of the largest Egyptian companies working in Painting production like Wall painting and Decorative Solutions. They produce a wide range of paints from the high-quality top coat emulsions and synthetic paints for interior, exterior, color mixing systems, to a full range of wood coating which provides different solutions for wood care including wood stains, sealer, primers, preservation, varnishes and top coats. They also produce an economic range of decorative paints.

The Problem:

The customer had realized that a lot of the products carrying its logo in the market were fake and not produced by their factories. These fake products not only cut from their market share but also negatively affect their image in the market by their low-quality materiel and their bad after sale support. They had applied many counterfeit solutions trying to stop this, but with no success.

The Solution:

They started looking for a robust non copyable solution to fight back this business pirating. And only Gargour Technologies with its 45 years of experience was able to prove its competence in this challenge. Gargour was able to develop the non-imitable “Gargour DNA Security System” which allows any customer to uniquely identify each and every individual product by printing a random number plus an embedded invisible and non-detectable DNA element. This DNA can only be read by Gargour’s mobile application from any smart phone that allows the end user, distributor, or the end user to verify that the product is original and not a fake.

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