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The Customer:

The customer is one of the largest Egyptian companies working in seafood industry. Their factory got approved to export to all European and Middle East countries. They produce Salmon, Herring, Caviar, Tuna, Anchovies Mackerel, all in many forms. Customer exports to more than 20 countries products that meets the European standards concerning product health and safety.

The Problem:

The customer is committed to comply to all the European standards which state in one of its terms that product weight is an important quality aspect. All their products have precise weight indication except the Herring …! This is because it is not easy to get this type of fish with the same size and the same weight. So, they needed to automatically weigh each and every Herring carton to pass the cartons of certain weight and reject cartons of different weight.

The Solution:

Gargour Technologies was able to compile a comprehensive solution consisting of an electronic set load cells which sends the weight value of the moving carton to an ink jet printer to print the weight on a label which is automatically applied to the moving Herring carton, a smart camera will capture the printed weight and via OCR processing, the results will be compared with the pre-set weight margins. The cartons with valid weight will pass and the others will be rejected by actuating the rejection arm.


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