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The Customer:

The customer is a leading company in Egyptian market working in the field of fuels and lubricants. They have more than 120 years history in Egypt producing high quality products for industry, aviation, and serving motor vehicles through more than 350 service stations around the country. Their blending factories are all ISO certified since 2015.

The Problem:

The customer is committed to the top quality in all aspects of the production process. One of these aspects is in the packaging phase, where they seriously needed to be sure that all the containers inside each box are of the proper code. Especially that all the containers of different codes are similar in size and shape. One different code in the box can end up with a disaster like using break oil instead of gearbox oil.

The Solution:

Gargour Technologies was able to solve this problem by using the digital Machine Vision technology in addition to the Gargour’s in house developed ADO device. Smart cameras were used to capture the image of the 2D barcode on both sides of each container while on the moving belt. The images are processed in the smart cameras then compared with the stored proper code, if they are a match it will let them pass, otherwise the alarm will go on and the belt will stop. The solution was applied to five different packaging lines with universally accepted results.

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