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The Customer:

The customer is a global provider of energy, energy management and efficiency. They operate in five key business sectors: Wire & Cable, Electrical Products, Engineering & Construction, Smart Infrastructure and Infrastructure Investments. They create sustainable projects in energy and infrastructure that enable businesses, communities and regions to develop and flourish.

The Problem:

The customer has 18 sites in different locations. Each site has thousands and thousands of fixed assets. They suffer each time they need to inventory or track the assets at each site at the same time. They are forced to use a lot of human resources for long time to get the inventory done.

The Solution:

Gargour Technologies was able to solve this problem by using the RFID technology. The solution was based upon different types of coded RFID tags to be fixed on each asset. All doors and outlets are provided with fixed RFID readers to record every in/out movement of any asset through each door. This record will continuously and automatically update the database of existing assets within each room/hanger. To verify that the actual existing assets comply with the database, a handheld RFID reader is to be used, as it is much faster than the barcode readers and does not require line of sight with the RFID tags.

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