Sunmi Mini Cash Drawer


The reliable cash drawer for you, its room occupied is reduced by 22.5% but capacity remains the same (four bill trays & three coin trays) compared with traditional small cash drawers to satisfy the need of stores, it adopts anti-skid ABS panel, trapezoid shape and internal honeycomb structure, evenly distributing the pressure on it and making it 10Kg bearable as well as avoiding the screen shaking in use.

• Plastic and Metallic.
• Thermal Shutdown.
• Four Normal Bill & One Big Bill, Three Coin.
• Three Positions Lock (Electronic, Manual and Deadlock).
• Reduce short circuit risk with wide-area voltage DC9V~24V, 1A.
• Up to 10kg bearable.
• Extra-long service life 1,000,000 + Operations.

Brand – Model Sunmi – Mini Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer



Bill Clip


Drive Voltage

Metallic Bearing

Service Life

Plastic and Metallic

Four Normal Bill & One Big Bill,

Three Coin

Three Positions Lock

(Electronic, Manual and Deadlock)

Plastic and Metallic


DC9V~24V, 1A

Up to 10kg bearable

1,000,000 + Operations




Working Temperature / Humidity: 0℃ ~ 45℃ / 30% ~ 85%

Storage Temperature / Humidity: -20℃ ~ 60℃ / 10% ~ 90%

W317mm x L332mm x H72mm

2.3 Kg



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