Novexx XPA 934

THE NEW GENERATION OF PRINT & APPLY SYSTEMS PRINT & APPLY 4.0 – DIGITAL INTERFACES The XPA 934 also meets digital requirements: a multitude of interfaces and real-time data that can be called up at any time support print & apply processes in Industry 4.0.

Multi-stage, con_ gurable I/O concept with M12 connectors for _ exibly adaptable system interfaces

Cross-media provision of information by connection via LAN interface, access to operating instructions via QR code and cable-free 1:1 connection with USB stick

Option for remote operation via an optional 7″ Panel PC including real-time data retrieval and error messages

Novexx XPA 934 Features :


  • • Large, multi-colored display with high contrast
  • Intuitive, icon-guided navigation with customer-specific “favorites” menu
  • Readable with cover open and closed ROTATABLE DISPLAY
  • Maximum user-friendliness
  • Readable and operable from any position, even when installed upside down ROBUST AND DURABLE
  • High-quality product components such as robust housing with sturdy metal frame
  • Strong thread inserts for extra stability
  • The design without fan prevents dust admission EXTRA COMPACT AND FLEXIBLE
  • The XPA 934 is the most compact Print & Apply System on the market with a very small footprint
  • Can be mounted in any conceivable position on the production line (top, side, bottom labeling) Various mounting possibilities of optional accessories e.g. label unwinder or applicators to perfectly suit your application
  • Weighs less than 30 kg with increased durability at the same time EASY MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING
  • 100% tool-free maintenance
  • 100% tool-free replacement of wear parts e.g.: printhead or silicone rollers
  • Open print module for easy cleaning FAST CHANGE OF MATERIAL
  • Particularly quick and easy insertion of label and ribbon material
  • Reduces downtime and increases OEE of production line AUTOMATIC SETTINGS
  • Continuous adjustment of ribbon and label material tension for best print results
  • Automatic setting of print head OUTSTANDING PRINT QUALITY Perfect printing results even at high application speeds via thermal transfer technology