Inventory Software

Inventory Software

Inventory accuracy is a critical and highly sensitive area affecting firms. Cyclecounting can increase inventory accuracy to levels of 97% and better.

Inventory record accuracy has a significant impact on increasinglevels of customer service, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.

Gargour Inventory Solution can help to make inventory control easier, and the use of barcodes is one way in which technology assists in inventory control.

The use of barcoding in inventory control makes your company more efficient. Using barcodes to quickly scan important product information into your company’s computer network can reduce the amount of people necessary to do inventory control, reduce mistakes and increase the amount of inventory your company can competently handle.

Inventory Software Features

Software standard functions:

  • Loading items file with the items descriptions.
  • Scanning items and automatically increment its quantity.
  • Scanning items and enter the quantity.
  • Searching for items.
  • Displaying all the items and their quantity.
  • Deleting items (clearing the scanned quantity).
  • Modifying quantities of existing items