Gt-n7100 Barcode Scanner

Gt-n7100 Barcode Scanner

GT-7100 has excellent design which can create an outstanding product performance and reliability.

This scanner features are high inerrability, flexibility, scanning, and decoding capability.

It is ideally suited for supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, and other similar retail stores. The product design concept is fully focused on user’s mode, it also reduces time and cost.

Our solutions provide instant and accurate scanning, making the checkout process more efficient for you and more convenient for your customers.

Gt-n7100 Barcode Scanner Features

Industrial Chip-Best Quality

  • Free scales industrial chip, more open speed
  • High stability, not crash or wrong transmission codes
  • Long time using, pass thirty million times decoding tests
  • Decode all yards. Now some scanners in market, can only have several codes.
    Control System- Touching Natural
  • Button: Imported button parts, use more than five million times
  •  Vibration Mode: Vibration modes for choosing. Confirm whether decoding successfully in noisy environments.
  • Excellent Data Cables- Sealed Strong
  • TPE Rubber material, double weaving and shielding.
  • Sealed water-prof packing, plug pace and cables can pass fifty-thousand-time weight and five kg bending tests. First factory to have the cables lifetime warranty.


Brand – Model GTscan – GT-7100
Reading Mode

Light Source


Light in working Environment


Product Test

Drop Spec

Print contrast

Motion tolerance


LED (630nm ±10nm)

Four hundred thousand

Room light 1600Lux

Outside 86000 Lux

173 x 63 x 93 mm

IP54 Industrial Level

1.8 drops to concrete

> 25%



Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature


-20°C to +60°C

-40°C to +70°C)

5% – 95%


1D and 2D Symbologies


RS232 / USB