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Baked Goods and Cereal المخبوزات و الحبوب n
Baked Goods and Cereal

Whatever you’re baking – from bread and cookies to cakes and cereals – and wherever you need to accurately code information – from bread bags and pouches to cartons and cases – partnering with Videojet offers you key efficiency, operational and financial advantages.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices المنتجات الطبية و الدوائية n
Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Perhaps to a greater degree than other industries, pharmaceutical and medical device packaging demands the highest quality variable coding. Legibility and contrast are non-negotiable when it comes to regulatory and traceability codes and high read-rate bar codes. In addition to a broad range of serialization ready coding solutions, Videojet can provide IQ/OQ validation packages and printers that facilitate adherence to 21CFR Part II technical controls to help meet your documentation needs.

Sandpaper أوراق الصنفرة n

Sandpaper papers shall be products that require the printing of codes to indicate their validity, in particular that they are exposed to works or conditions that may affect their quality

Pots & Cooking utensils أدوات و أوانى الطهى n
Pots & Cooking utensils

Many of the tools used by many are metallic utensils that enter many of our daily lives. We must ensure the safety of these utensils, so manufacturers rely on the appearance of their data clearly and indelibly, and we offer the most powerful printing equipment at the highest quality metal containers

Sponge الإسفنج n

Many industries that use sponges need to print codes these days such as type, model and the like, especially with the variety of sponge colors So we provide many kinds of technology that help in this

Wire, Cable and Pipe الأسلاك و الكابلات و الأنابيب n
Wire, Cable and Pipe

The performance of coding solutions in wire, cable and pipe industries needs to match the realities of the production process. Coder downtime that stops the extrusion process can result in expensive downtime, rework and scrap. Poor code contrast or quality and ink transference are further challenges that can degrade the quality of your product. Videojet has extensive application expertise and a range of solutions that address these challenges to help maximize the productivity of your operations.

Electrical Components and Electronics المكونات الإلكترونية و الكهربية n
Electrical Components and Electronics

With the need for high resolution and high contrast coding and small mark windows, electronics and electrical components pose a number of unique coding challenges. Codes must also be able to resist chemicals in the production process that can degrade legibility. Videojet has experience in these focused applications and can advise on a select set of printing technologies to aid your production processes.

Commercial Printing and Addressing الطباعة التجارية و العنونة n
Commercial Printing and Addressing

Direct Mail Houses and Commercial Printers require a combination of high quality and high speed variable printing to meet customer demands. This requirement calls for a large portfolio of print technologies and inks to perfectly match your most vital applications. Whether you need to print a simple address or control critical aspects of your line, Videojet has solutions to meet these requirements.

Chemicals المواد الكيميائية n

Coding in chemical manufacturing can be challenging due to harsh production environments that can be hot, dusty or wet. To achieve reliable, high quality codes, your coding equipment should be engineered to withstand these challenges as well as near-constant production and frequent changeovers. From addressing internal quality control needs to meeting your customer’s traceability requirements, Videojet can help.

Building Materials  مواد البناء n
Building Materials

With near-constant run times, dusty environments and temperature extremes, you need a coding solution that works as hard as you do. Achieving consistent code quality over the useful lifetime of your printer is not only possible, but with robust solutions from Videojet, you can minimize your maintenance, too.

Automotive and Aerospace السيارات و المركبات الفضائية n
Automotive and Aerospace

Automotive: Auto parts come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. Videojet has Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) and Laser solutions for nearly any coding requirement, substrate, and production setup to help you simplify coding and marking. Our solutions help maximize production uptime and ensure every product has the right code in the fast-moving, continuously changing world of automotive manufacturing. Aerospace: Videojet has OEM approvals comprising 27 inks across 10 major aerospace manufacturers that encompass a range of substrates, performance characteristics, and print colors. Our Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers can produce superior resolution text and graphics with high-contrast inks, including options that are fast-dry and heat and oil-resistant. This makes our inks an ideal solution for printing on nearly any aerospace material.

Tobacco التبغ n

Tobacco packaging facilities are among the most demanding coding environments, particularly with dust, often operating at the extremes of packaging line speeds. Additionally, cleanliness is paramount to assure the quality and consistency of the end products. Videojet offers a proven range of class-leading laser, thermal inkjet and continuous inkjet printers which provide integration flexibility into multiple points on the line. Codentify®-compatible, Videojet is able to provide solutions that can help safeguard your investment in a changing regulatory environment

TRACK AND TRACE SOLUTION حلول المسارات و التتبع n

Videojet offers an end-to-end, production-floor suite of hardware, software and services for track and trace applications. Our IMprints solutions builds from a powerful core – the application of a unique code to individual items in the production environment. Use this track and trace solution to fingerprint your brand.

Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care مستحضرات التجميل والعناية الشخصية والمنزلية n
Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care

In an industry where the spectrum of applications is vast, and where packaging types and materials vary from product to product, having the flexibility to keep up with constant change is critical. Even more critical is the ability to do this while increasing operational efficiency and protecting your brand. Coding and marking may be one small part of your production process, but getting it right can make a big difference to your overall productivity.

Salty Snacks الوجبات الخفيفة و المالحة n
Salty Snacks

Capturing sales on the shelf means making the most of your brand. Brand management teams obsess over packaging artwork. The last thing they want is poor quality codes that detract from the package. A true printing partner understands the importance of great print quality and achieving your operational goals. Offering over four decades of experience in your industry, Videojet has the ideal combination of technology, expertise and service options to be your coding partner of choice.

Pet Food and Animal Feed أغذية الحيوانات الأليفة والأعلاف الحيوانية n
Pet Food and Animal Feed

Growing demand for pet food and animal feed has put pressure on operations to increase line efficiency, boost throughput and meet demand. Similar to other consumer packaged goods categories, the pet food industry needs coding solutions that can accommodate the breadth of new packaging formats like shaped retort pouches and chub packs. Videojet brings the broadest array of coding and printing technologies to pet food and animal feed packaging operations. With products that bring an uptime advantage and simple usability, Videojet helps ensure your team spends less time focused on the printers and more time on your operations.

Meat and Poultry اللحوم و الدواجن n
Meat and Poultry

A true printing partner understands the importance of great print quality and achieving your operational goals in a highly regulated environment. With over four decades of experience in the meat and poultry industry, Videojet offers the perfect combination of technology, expertise and service options to be your coding partner of choice.

Fruits and Vegetables الفواكه و الخضروات n
Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable packaging facilities are among the most demanding and varied production environments – from temperature and humidity extremes to moisture and dust. Production leaders need a coding and marking supplier that understands these challenges and can address an increasing variety of packaging formats. With the broadest technology offering in the industry, Videojet meets these challenges with an array of cost effective, high uptime solutions.

Egg البيض n

Coding technologies for the egg industry have evolved over the years, but the focus on food safety has remained paramount. Advances in these technologies have provided improved print quality to better communicate important expiry and traceability data and to help ensure compliance with evolving government regulations regarding producer accountability. Videojet’s solutions can help meet these coding needs while providing high quality coding to aid brand image and high uptime to ensure efficient operations.

Dairy منتجات الألبان n

For dairy producers, short product shelf life and an intense focus on cleanliness creates inherent pressures on your packaging operations. Add in changing packaging designs and expanding product flavors and variety, and the increased production changeovers adds further complexity. With products that bring an uptime advantage, clean operation and features that aid changeover, Videojet helps your team spend less time focused on the printers and more time on your operations.

Candy and Confectionery الحلوى و الحلويات n
Candy and Confectionery

We understand the unique challenges candy and confectionery manufacturers face on their production lines. From managing many different package types, to coding on small moving targets in an environment with airborne sugar particles – product integrity, quality and speed are paramount. To help meet these needs, we have developed coding solutions to get the right code, on the right product, time after time.

Beverages المشروبات n

Printing best-by dates, lot codes and other information onto the package is an essential task for every beverage manufacturer; retailers look at this information to assist them with stock rotation and consumers look for this information to check for product freshness. However, printing the required information is not as straightforward as it sounds – there are many pieces that must be considered when selecting the right type of coding printer for your specific beverage production line.