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Events/Locations Secured Entry Tickets Rolls

A very specialized solution to issue entry tickets linking the audience ID to his location area and seat number in the football stadium. It was mainly designed to help the security authorities to locate attendees whom are responsible for starting troubles in football games. The solution builds a database for each football game showing all the attendees IDs, entry time, entry gate, location area, and seat number. This is done by acquiring the ID picture of every attendee from each stadium gate.

Secured warranty Certificates Rolls

This solution is mainly designed to speed up the process of issuing the warranty certificates. To achieve that, Gargour reconfigured the certificate of warranty to be produced in a roll format rather than a sheet or card format, so it can be issued in bulk rather than one by one. By using an excel sheet of serial numbers and a barcode printer, a high volume of certificates is issued in one go. In addition, multi security levels can be added to the certificate to fight counterfeit and fraud products