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Mobile Time Attendance n
Mobile Time Attendance Solution

This solution is specially designed for the remote workplaces where the employees are working in a place without power supplies. Therefore, the solution uses a battery based handheld computer provided with 2D barcode readers. The system identifies the employee via scanning the 2D barcode on his national ID card, where it records the time stamp and the scanned ID string. If the workplace is GSM covered, information will be sent to the back office server via GSM, otherwise it will be transferred as a batch at end of the day.

Time Attendance n
Time Attendance Solution

Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. It tracks the breaks, lateness, sick, vacation days and any other reason when the employee is out of the workplace. It can identify the employee by different ways such as proximity, barcode badges, entry code, and biometric devices. The solution transfers the information to the computer via network or by flash memory.

Document Tracking Solution n
Document Tracking Solution

Gargour provides Document Tracking solutions for government departments, small to medium enterprises and large corporations. Keeping track of the important documents is no longer a daily obstacle to incoming, outgoing or in-house created documents. Documents will be barcoded to be manually/automatically scanned and logged by the barcode reader to facilitate searching, tracking and updating. Solution is also useful for libraries - check in / check out, searching of books, CDs and DVDs.

Asset Management n
Asset Management Solution

Asset Management is designed to help maintain control over organizational assets, perform financial accounting related to assets, calculate and maintain value information, and provide a central database for asset information. Asset Management is tightly integrated with many other Financials and accounting modules. It reduces duplication of effort in entry and maintaining asset data. In addition, it provides powerful searching and reporting capabilities.