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Warehouse Inventory n
Warehouse Inventory Solution.

This solution significantly reduce stocktaking time and improves accuracy. It takes stock and physical inventory count by scanning the barcode labels on all inventory items. Multiple employees can do stocktaking and inventory count at the same time in different parts of the warehouse, to speed up the process. The system compares inventory with "on the books" inventory count and produces discrepancies report. (list of missing or extra items).

Dispatching Truck Loading m
Dispatching/ Truck Loading Solution

This solution is designed to ensure the accurate items are directed to each delivery address. The system starts by receiving the data from the company server as well as items lists for each destination, then picking the proper items quantities, packing, loading the trucks, registering the trucks numbers, registering the drivers, and the time stamp. Also, the system can notify the recipient about the items being dispatched to him and the estimated arrival time

Receiving Storing Counting n
Receiving - Storing – Counting Solution

This solution manages all aspects of the goods receiving process, quarantine process, various inspections, and storing, while providing a comprehensive, real-time counting, compliance with purchase order, and the status of all items in the system at any point in time. Including purchase orders that are pending, in-progress, received, confirmed, and released to inventory.