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Mobile payment solution n
Mobile Payment Solution

This solution helps in the collection activities in the field, such as the periodical installments, insurance policies, and consignment payments. The system register the position, the time stamp, the money value, and the check picture. The system can immediately send these data back to the company server or store it until the collector is back to the company.

Sales Force Automation n
Sales Force Automation

A web-based system enables the sales representative -while in the field- to access the company server looking for his sales tools. He can access the products brochures and data sheets, products videos and presentations. He can also access the statement of his customer’s financial account. Besides, it enables the sales rep to show comparisons with the competing products.

Proof of Delivery n
Proof of Delivery Solution

This solution is designed to be used for all delivery activities of different items, where the system allows for the registration of items codes assigned to each destination. At each destination, the system registers the position, the time stamp, and the codes of the delivered item. In addition, it also registers the signature of the recipient beside his ID card picture.

Route Sales Management n
Route Management

To support the van-sales operations, Gargour provides a multi-module management system. It handles the van as a mobile warehouse starting from the items loading action at the beginning of the route until the van return at the end of the route. Other modules provide the accounts statements and financial limits of all customers along the route.

Order Taking n
Order Taking Solution

This solution is designed to enable the distribution center representatives by automating the order taking action at each of the outlets he is visiting. The outlets purchase orders can be transmitted on-line in real time to the center’s server or to be stored in the device and uploaded to center’s server at the end of the visits to different outlets.