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Track and Trace n
Track and Trace Solution

Track and trace application is required for many products to facilitate the ability to know where each product is at any time and the ability to trace it back to its point of origin. This application is particularly required in the pharmaceutical industry to track and trace each and every pack of all drugs in the market from its origin to the end user and through all the medicines supply chain steps.

Barcode-Verification n
Barcode Verification Solution

In many of the specific applications, the generated barcode is required to be verified and/or graded. The grading is the degree of compliance of the barcode features with the international standards for different barcode symbologies. Gargour provides different levels of automatic barcode verifications and/or grading for all barcode symbologies.

Product-Labeling n
Product Labeling Solution

Gargour is providing all kinds of labels needed for various products identification. This wide range of labels can meet all different usage environments of every product, indoor, outdoor, cold rooms, and all industrial harsh environments. These labels can be of many types of materials, normal paper, thermal paper, plastic, PVC, metal … In addition, Gargour avails itself of the suitable ribbons needed for each label material.