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Maintenance Control Solution

The barcode identification has an important role in warranty operations, periodic maintenance, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance. When scanning the item’s barcode, the item’s record will be displayed to show if the item is still under warranty or not. Also, it shows whether the periodic, preventive, and corrective maintenance had been done or not.

Process-Control-Solution-Quality-Control-Analog-to-Digital-Ordinator-(ADO) n
Process Control Solution

The barcode identification permits the process control functionality by scanning the item barcode at every operation station to record the time stamp. The analysis of these time stamps will show if the item passes all stations or not, the time taken at each station, and from which stations the delays and /or the mistakes are coming.

Quality-Control-Solution n
Quality Control Analog to Digital Ordinator (ADO) Solution

By applying the machine vision technology, Gargour’s in-house designed, developed, and manufactured ADO device can perform quality and inspection functions on high speed moving items by using smart cameras, dedicated lighting, and intelligent software. It can perform counting tasks, measurement functions, location checkup, barcode decoding, Optical character recognition (OCR), and Optical character verification (OCV).