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Patient-Bedside-Control n
Patient Bedside Control Solution

Provides the ability to display all the patients’ information, medical status, prescriptions, and physical checks. It also allows inputting of any new alteration in the treatment process and/or medicines. In addition, it helps the nursing team to assure that the patient is having the right medicine at the right time with the right dose.

Lab Management Solution n
Lab Management Solution

Identification of all the tubes and containers to relate them accurately to the specific patient. This assures the right tracing of the samples and the specimens throughout the medical laboratory and analysis process and prevents any misplacing or sample mixing errors. It also relates all result reports to the specific patient file and medical record.

Patient-Identification n
Patient Identification Solution

The main key to automate the hospital functions is to identify the patient at the entry point. The machine readable identification code helps to create the patient record on the hospital server to facilitate accessing all the patients’ data at any and every function and/or service point in the hospital. Such automation prevents most human errors.