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The Customer:

The customer is a leading global engineering and construction contractor primarily focused on infrastructure, industrial and high-end commercial projects in the Middle East, North Africa, the United States, and the Pacific Rim for public as well as private clients. They executed numerous large and complex projects through which they developed a wide range of niche core competences that enhance their market positioning in both regional and international markets.

The Problem:

The customer was facing an important issue in a lot of his construction remote sites. Normally, the remote sites lack electrical supply in most of its areas. So the only available method to get the labor force Time and Attendance is manually which opens the door for intentional and non-intentional mistakes. The customer wanted to decrease the chances for such mistakes via a certain level of automation.

The Solution:

Gargour Technologies was able to develop a comprehensive system to handle this issue. The system is based upon a software application loaded on a hand-held computer with high efficiency 2D barcode scanner. The employees responsible in remote site is only requested to scan the 2D barcode on the employee’s national identification card. The system will record the unique string of each identification card together with the time signature and GPS location. A daily file with all these records will be communicated with the head quarter via GSM and/or Wi-Fi when back in the office. The automatic capturing of the time signature and GPS location will seriously decrease all the intentional and non-intentional mistakes.

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