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Since the first moments the Covid -19 has been declared in Egypt and since the Egyptian Government started to take the safety measures to prevent the spread of the Virus, Gargour Technologies applied immediately the Safety Measures announced by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population to protect her employees whom they consider her true wealth and of course to protect her clients and visitors who are in contact with the company.

Gargour Technologies have established very strict measures applied on her employees during their presence in the premises of the company:

  • Before entering the premises a person in charge checks the temperature with the appropriate digital handheld thermometer and makes sure that the person does have any external symptoms regarding the Virus, that person sterilize hands and shoes making sure that no one enters without wearing the protective mask.
  • The protective masks are distributed to the employees stipulating that they are worn during the whole period of their presence in the company without taking them off. Signs have been put on the floor to indicate to the persons present in the company the safety distances.
  • Signboards have been put to motivate following the Safety Health Instructions in the Company.
  • The use of the elevator is restricted to 2 persons at a time instead of 4 and the Instructions signboards are inside to illustrate the right way of using it also the company provides the necessary tools like the paper towels and disinfectants.
  • The disinfectants are distributed all over the premises to facilitate the use during work hours. Concerning all the Company financial operations they are mostly done by Electronic Banking Transfers and/or by Electronic Services in general.

The Company has adopted extra safety measures to ensure the application of the Social Distance rule to protect its employees like modifying the official working hours during the periods of the curfew, by encouraging working from home as much as possible, by holding the business meetings through videocalls  and decreasing the business meetings in the company.

A internal safety committee was assigned to monitor the strict application of the safety health rules inside the company also the daily/hourly tasks of disinfestation and cleaning using the disinfectants, controlling constantly the employees and all who are present in the premises of the company ensuring that everyone is wearing the masks and is keeping the Social Distance applying very strict punishments on the violators.

On the other hand the Company has provided medical masks to be distributed to the clients and visitors at the entrance if they are not wearing one.

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