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Lafarge is a leading producer of building materials in Egypt. Lafarge products - cement, concrete, aggregates (sand and gravel) and plasterboard - are essential in creating the structures that shape

landscapes, from homes to hospitals, bridges, roads and monuments


Lafarge produces 4 types of Cement OPC, PLC, PSC and SRC. All of them are sold in packs and/or Bulks. Lafarge had already automated all the business cycle using Oracle except for the bulk loading

process. This produces problems when they bulk load one type in place of other one, especially that the problem will only be discovered at the destination point. Lafarge had decided to automate this

bulk process to avoid these problems.


The solution which our R&D team had come up with contains Wireless barcode scanner, in-house invented ADO box, barcode printer and PC.

-          The driver of the truck need to load the specific cement type mentioned in the load order which already created by Oracle.

-          We added unique barcode on load order.

-          In the factory, the worker scans the load order and creates another barcode containing the cement type bulk number to load from.

-          This new barcode is labeled on the truck (the driver can’t load cement without it).

-          The bulk worker scans the load order barcode then the truck barcode with the wireless barcode scanner which sends the readings back to our system.

-          If the two barcodes matched, the nozzle will automatically be opened to start the proper cement type loading.

The un-proper cement type loading problem had disappeared since the installation of the ADO controlled automatic cement bulk loading process.

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