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Exxon Mobil
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Exxon Mobil are the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, providing energy that helps underpin growing economies and improve living standards around the world.

Exxon Mobile Mexlop is the biggest filling factory in the Middle East


One of the important aspects for Exxon Mobile to ensure the highest level of quality is to verify the readability of the preprinted barcode ID on each oil bottle. Exxon Mobile was using for that an old

barcode verifier which was unable to operate with the speed of the current filling line. Besides, this verifier wasn’t able respond if the barcode doesn’t exit.

So, Exxon Mobile required a solution that can read the barcode on the bottle at high speed, compare it with the pre stored barcode, and stops the filling line if the barcode doesn’t match the stored

one, or if the barcode didn’t exit.


Gargour had formed a dedicated R&D team to design and test a new system that can fulfill the required functions and in the harsh industrial environment.  The team had come out with a hybrid

system based upon the following components:

-          A photocell to detect each bottle in front of the scanner.

-          A barcode scanner to read the preprinted barcodes on the bottles.

-          An in-house invented electronic box we called it ADO Box which is the main interface between all the components and perform all the Digital-to Analogue and Analogue-to Digital conversions, and

generates the filling line stopping signal when needed.

-          ADO software running under windows to control the system and take the decisions based upon the barcode verification process.

The ADO solution is successfully controlling the Exxon Mobile filling line with a zero false alarm and completely matching the line speed.

The ADO name had composed from (RAMZY, LYDIA AND ROMANY) our seniors of the R&D team
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