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VSE Corporation
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VSE Corporation

VSE Corporation was established in 1959 with a mission to provide engineering and technical support services to reduce the cost and improve the reliability of DoD systems and equipment. Originally

incorporated as Value Engineering Company, VSE has evolved along with the government’s and military’s needs, while remaining true to our roots as a value engineering firm.


A complete warehouse automation solution is required, including printing barcode labels with different designs onsite, receiving items, delivering items, stock counting….etc

The challenge was to replace the already installed and running system with a new and enhanced one without bothering the users or getting any modification in the ERP integration scenario. Moreover

flexibility in printing the barcode labels with different designs and data fields was required despite that it was a big challenge; it was one of the major requirements.


Because Gargour Technologies has its own development team for developing front end applications on our handhelds; we succeed in implementing and customizing a full mobile WMS on the handhelds

with all the customizations required by the customer; giving various reports with different formats; onsite printing on portable printers using customized label designs.

Today, VSE is automating all the warehouse and inventory processes using our handhelds, portable printers and software.
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