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Orascom Construction Industries (OCI)
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Orascom Construction Industries (OCI)

OCI is a leading international fertilizer producer and construction contractor based in Cairo, Egypt. It is one of the region’s largest corporations with projects and investments across Europe, the Middle

East, North America, and North Africa.


An accurate Time and Attendance Solution for the labors in the construction sites using the Egyptian National ID was needed. The challenge was that we need to setup such a solution in a very

tough and harsh environment with a little GSM coverage, no stable power source, no computer network support, and full of dust and cement sites, desert areas….etc.

But the big challenge was to find a handheld device that is capable of reading the Egyptian National ID Barcode. The Egyptian National ID carries a very high density 2D barcode PDF417 that no standard

barcode reader can read it in a fast and easy way within the required reading range.

Moreover a full time synchronization with OCI servers’ clocks was needed to have accurate T&A reports.


Gargour Technologies succeeded in implementing the full solution in OCI Sites using the Honeywell Dolphin 9900 provided with a specific “Smart Focus” barcode reader.

We have faced a lot of problems from finding the suitable handheld to work in such environment to having this handheld to be fully synchronized with OCI server clocks.

Using our development team we succeed in overcoming all the challenges we have faced to come up with the right solution that is currently implemented in all OCI construction sites.

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