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Alfa Market
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The series of Alfa Market - the most famous and advanced in Egypt - ensure their customers to keep prices low, and thanks to massive of their customers, which are about 10 million shoppers each year! And also offer unbeatable value, unbeatable choice between more than sixty thousand product. Since it opened in 1984, Alfa Market kept to be the leading multiple sections markets and had kept simplified sales services but was designed to achieve the top quality pre-and post-sales.


Since Alfa Market is one of our customers since 2000, he is wishing to update the old handheld system with a new one with new requirements and best performance.

The idea was first is to have a mobile inventory and price checking system, then it was grown up to  cover the shelf printing process, and finally  the warehouse receiving process was also added.

A big challenge was to secure the devices from unauthorized users and the users from accessing unwanted applications. Moreover is to have the handheld application interface to be so simple that allow standard labors to use.


Gargour Technologies development team succeeded in growing with the application to fit all the customer needs. We started by having a simple inventory and price checking system and ends by having a complete price checking and shelf label printing system.

After filling all the showrooms’ needs in the application requirements we move to fill the warehouse requirements one by one staring from the receiving process and will end to cover all the warehouse processes.

Having our own development team gives the customer the satisfaction and relief that all his coming needs will be covered and that we can accommodate and fit his further growth in the business requirements.

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