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Category Name ..... Identification & Pricing Systems (IPS)
Identification & Pricing Systems (IPS) provides the Egyptian market with the acknowledged Paxar Monarch price labelers which are made to last and designed to meet the rigorous needs of retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. These labelers are backed up by the Gargour’s standard one-year warranty, the always in-stock spare parts, and the top qualified comprehensive repair services. Besides, IPS offers a wide range of supplies for all labelers, including general purpose, permanent and removable adhesives, a wide range of colors, custom imprints and a variety of plain and printed stock items. Accessories offered include holsters, replacement ink rollers, label scrapers, wrist straps, and case cutters.
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Category Name ..... Barcode & Mobility Sys (BMS)
Barcode and Mobility Systems (BMS), is the global pioneer and leader of the end-to-end 1D/2D mobile, desktop, and industrial barcode solutions. BMS offers the most comprehensive breadth and depth of barcode and RFID based solutions needed to solve the countless business challenges that today's organizations face. Through BMS solutions which combine AutoID, hardware, software, wireless connectivity and mobility; enterprises can raise the productivity, efficiency and quality of work that workforce is capable of in the fields of manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail, WMS, asset tracking and management systems. BMS solutions can be easily integrated to all the popular ERP systems in the market.
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Category Name ..... Video Jet (VJ)
provides the market with the Videojet products and the Avery Dennison industrial automatic labelers. Videojet is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial ink jet systems, fluids, and accessories for the product identification industry. It can apply high-quality alphanumeric codes, logos and graphics to nearly any surface at virtually any line speed, angle, or location on a product or package. Video is an expert in continuous ink jet (CIJ), drop-on-demand (DOD), thermal transfer verprinting (TTO), array, and laser technologies which represents a solution for any industrial coding and/or marking application. Besides, the dpt provides the Avery Dennison line of Automated Inventory and Distribution Labeling Solutions which are designed to improve the process efficiency, without expanding facilities or increasing costs by adding new staff.
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